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Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunless Tan: Spray Tan the Newest Style of Tanning

There are a lot of women who are not contented having a light colored skin. They’d rather have a glowing sunless tan look. That is why tanning under the sun became popular in beaches and other places where you can find direct contact with the suns ray not knowing about spray tan methods. When Doctors found out that the UV rays of the sun is unsafe because of the possibilities of damaging the skin and having skin cancer.

That is why they created a solution through the use of tanning lotion and other tanning products. One of the best tanning products in the market is the spray. It doesn’t contain any UV rays but it is said to contain DHA (Di-Hydroxide Acetone). A chemical used in tanning lotion and tanning spray. Spray tans is simpler to use than other sunless tan methods. Even though the chemical content is the same the procedure in using it is different. The result may also be the same but it will depend on how you will use it to get a better result.

A Spray tan can last up to a month but it could also fade as fast a week or so. If you want it to have better results for tanning make sure that you’re using it the right way. There are several steps that you can follow to have a successful tanning using a spray.

First step: before using the spray make sure that surface of the skin where you will apply the spray is clean. Take a bath or a quick shower to cleanse your skin.

Second step:
dry up your skin and prepare your moisturizing solution. Unlike for tanning lotion, it comes with a moisturizer that is why tanning lotion is more effective. When applying moisturizing solution, you will have to wait for a couple of days before you can apply the spray tan. This will allow your skin to absorb the solution of the spray more effectively which is the best sunless tan.

Third step: after waiting for a couple of days you can now apply the spray. Make sure that you will evenly spray them in your body. The spray that you will apply in your elbow and knee should be thinner than the other spots because a thick skin can absorb the solution better than the thin skin. Also make sure that you got the right shade of the tan you like. If you have light colored skin, choose a light shade of tan and if you have medium color of skin choose the darker shade of tan. The application of the spray will only take an hour. Make sure that you will stay in a room that has a low temperature. Sweat may cause some spots to have a lighter shade of tan. And if you are planning to put on some clothes while the solution is still in your skin, make sure that the solution is already dry.

Following the step will result into a better tanning process. It could be possible that the moisturizing solution that makes a difference between a tanning lotion and a tanning spray.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guitar Chords: Playing the Guitar Tabs

Playing a guitar will be difficult if you will not learn to read or play a guitar tab. Guitar tabs is easier to read than music sheets or guitar chords. It is simpler and it is easier to follow in playing the guitar. Music sheets have five lines while for guitar tabs it has six lines which represent the six strings in the guitar. Learn Guitar tabs in an instant by following a step by step instruction. These instructions will explain every detail in guitar tabs and will also point out important things to remember.

You should know which line in the tab is the string in your guitar. The bottom line in the tab is actually the Low-E in your guitar. Moving upward, the following lines are A, D, G, B and High-E. The important thing to remember is that you should read the tab from left to right like in guitar chords. Reading it the other way around will result to a different chord or nothing at all.

You will find numbers in the tab which represents the fret. The numbers will be seen in each line in the tab. This will allow you to know in which fret you should position your finger. For example, you will see a number 3 in the line, which means your finger, should be positioned in the third fret. Do not be confused with the numbers you find in a chord diagram and a guitar tab. Learn Guitar tabs and you will realize that numbers can represent different things. This will make it easier for you to play guitar chords and playing the guitar.

REMINDER: There are some lines wherein you will find more than one number. It means that you should play a chord in the same point on the tab. The numbers you will see in a single line will appear a number above another number.

In strumming, you should strum a string when you see a line the chord blank. How would you know that it’s blank? You will not see a number in the line. This is also called an open string.

REMINDER: When you see an “x” marker, muffle a string. To muffle is to wrap or pad the string to produce a dull sound. This may sound dull but it is how you will learn guitar tabs better.

The rhythm in tabs could be the hardest part of learning to play or read a tab and playing the guitar. You will not find any rhythm notation that is why you will not get the exact rhythm of the chord or tab. You will notice that the numbers in guitar tabs are far apart from each other. This will allow you read the tab easier but that doesn’t mean that is the exact rhythm of the tab. It means that the closer the number to each other the faster you should play that tab. Try to play the tab slower (when the numbers are far from each other) and check if you got the right speed. Do the same when the numbers are far from each other (but this time it should be played faster).