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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Best Vacation Spots in Dubai

One of the most enjoyed places to go on a vacation is in Dubai. Due to the great Dubai attractions, it is impossible to be bored in Dubai. The only problem is that, if you are not familiar with the attractions in Dubai you will not enjoy that much. There are a lot of Dubai resorts and choosing the best is really important. Not all of the resorts in Dubai will be as entertaining, relaxing and accommodating as the best resorts in Dubai.

If you are looking for a complete package of amusement, entertainment, accommodation and relaxation for your Dubai vacation, one of the most recommended places is the “Al Bustan Rotana Dubai”.

Al Bustan Rotana Dubai

The location of this hotel resort is located at the heart of Dubai. Its location is near shopping malls and restaurants just in case you would like to explore more of Dubai. It is also near establishments like Exhibit halls, World Trade Center and the Airport. It is a 5 star rated hotel so their services are always at their best. Dubai vacations is always said to be exhausting, but Al Bustan Rotana is one of the best when it comes to relaxation and stress relief.

Another 5 star hotel that is really recommended by Dubai Tourism is “The Monarch Dubai”.

The Monarch Dubai

If you are finding a 5 star hotel that is all about luxury, it is best to choose The Monarch Dubai. The location of this hotel will allow you to have a good look of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai City. The Monarch Dubai is a 33 storey hotel and included in these 33 storeys are 5 restaurants that serve different kinds of cuisine from Europe, Japan and India. So if you are looking for a spot that you will not have to go a lot of places to enjoy, this is the perfect spot for you.

One of the best hotel designs ever made could be found in Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab Hotel

The structure itself of this hotel is an attraction itself. The sail-shaped structure of the hotel and the location of the hotel (built in a small island near the shore) are like having a Dubai vacation in the middle of the sea. The interior and exterior design of the hotel will be resulting in a one of a kind experience. The hotel was renovated in 2005 and after the renovation everything in the hotel became special for every guest. 6 restaurants are provided within the hotel area so you can simply stay in the hotel and never have problems regarding dining. Every part of the hotel provides a view of the shore, the city and other sites that other hotels doesn’t have.

One of the newest Hotels in Dubai which is really popular for Hollywood stars is the Jumeira Beach Club.

Jumeira Beach Club

The Jumeira Beach Club is located within the Arabian Gulf. Its location is near the Burj Al Arab Hotel but when it comes to design and services they have different styles. This hotel is really popular with the Hollywood stars. Most of the Hollywood stars that visit or spend their vacation in Dubai checks in at this hotel. Because of the luxurious style and great service they provide, it became very popular in no time even though it is one of the newest hotels in Dubai.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Online Game: Facebook Application - The Fishville Game

Most of the games that you can find in Facebook will require you to earn as much cash, coins or points to level up or buy stuff. One of the newest Facebook applications is the Fishville game and you can level up in this game by gaining experience points and buy stuff with the use of coins. There are a lot of ways in this online game on how to earn coins but the best way is by raising a school of fishes and selling them at the right age.

Here is how to make coins quickly in this fishing simulation strategy game. A very efficient way and no need to do anything in particular like monitoring your aquarium frequently. All you have to do is:

Buy as much Red Spot Cardinal that you can buy. You will buy them for 15 coins and you can sell them for 38 coins (maximum value). Getting coins is common to all Facebook applications like the Fishville game. For every Red Spot Cardinal you will earn 23 coins, if you bought 20 Red Spot Cardinals you will earn a total of 460 coins. This is a Java script online game, so there are times that you need to clear your cache or cookies if the values mentioned here do not match.

NOTE: Do this step 2 – 4 times every day.

EARNINGS: 920 – 1840 coins a day.

After doing the first step around 2 – 4 times, it is time to buy the more expensive fishes. You can choose from Scooter Blenny, Royal Dottyback or Blue Damsel. These types of fishes will be ready the next day.

Scooter Blenny    = 88            = 221                = 133
Royal Dottyback    = 57            = 156                = 99
Blue Damsel        = 107            = 302                = 201

From the list of fishes above, you will notice that Blue Damsel will give you a lot of earnings in one day. The only problem with Blue Damsel is that you will only be able to sell it after 1.5 days or 36 hours.

After selling the fishes you bought in the second step you can go back to step one and do step one 2 – 4 times a day or more. In online games such as Facebook applications, it is normal to go back to previous steps because of the game play style. The Fishville game could be played every day that is why monitoring it would be a big factor in playing it. Remember to feed your fishes whenever it is needed or your fishes will die and your coins will be wasted.