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Friday, March 11, 2011

Skills to be Learned in Betting in a Poker Game

Gambling is not all about luck especially in a poker game. That is why the song “Poker Face” became popular because you can bluff your opponent with a poker face. But it is not only about bluffing because it is also important to know about betting in a poker game. Yes it is a skill and it is not about luck because there are different strategies in betting. You can go from low betting to surprisingly high betting. You can also have a consistent betting than drop out or make your betting higher. What is the purpose of this strategy? It will give your opponent no idea about your hand and it will confuse them if you are bluffing or not.

Suicidal Betting Strategy

This is the first style of betting in a poker game to be discussed because this is the hardest type of betting to do. It is called suicidal betting because you will have to sacrifice some chips to be able to gain more chips. How will this work? You will trick your opponent into making them believe that you suck in betting. If they notice that they can easily gather a lot of chips from you even though you have a bad hand they will bite on every opportunity that you will bet high. Once that you will get some luck and have a very nice hand, you will still bet high and they will think that you got nothing. If the bait works, you will get more chips than you lost.

Lay Low Betting Strategy

If you are not in a hurry to win you can use this type or skill or strategy. This is highly applicable on tournament types of poker games. The first aim of this strategy is to lessen the number of players. If you will lay low on betting in a poker game, you will allow all the other players to eliminate each other. And just in case you would have a good hand, you will still win a small amount. This type of strategy is only effective if the table is still full. But if you notice that 40 – 50 percent of the players are already eliminated you should already change your strategy.

Watch and Learn

Poker is a game of luck and bluffing. You should know when an opponent is bluffing or not. If you notice that an opponent is bluffing your betting in a poker game should increase. But do not increase on a high rate. You can still give him a little bit of space to decide on what is he or she going to do. You can increase a little bit in betting than if he or she hesitates that’s the time you jump in and reel in the bait. But be careful, there are skilled players that would make you believe that they are bluffing but the truth is that they have a great hand.

These are the basic strategies or skills that you should learn in betting in a poker game. When you would be able to master these skills you will be able to build your own strategy and even combine these 3 (three) strategy or skills. You should also keep in mind that these are strategies and your skills will also depend on your gestures and facial expressions.

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