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Friday, April 22, 2011

Ebay Scam – How To Avoid Getting Scammed by Using Recommended Ebay Parcel Delivery Websites

Over the past few years there have been several reports about scamming over items. Some people make multiple accounts and gives high trusted feedbacks to each account they make. This allows them other members to give their full trust that they won’t be scammed. The transaction doesn’t even reach Ebay parcel delivery because there is no actual item to be shipped.

This problem was already solved by but there are still some scammers who won’t quit benefiting on other people. Some transactions fail because of the carrier of the item wherein the payment has been sent but the item didn’t reach the buyer. There is an easy way to solve this problem wherein Collect My Parcel will come in. It is the perfect solution because when you actually recommend this to sellers, this courier will pick up the parcel or package from the buyer and deliver it to in your door step.

On the seller’s part, it will be easier for them to send it through Ebay parcel delivery because the booking can be done online. Free quotation of the package or parcel is even offered to sellers which can make their profit in the sold item better. Getting a free quotation won’t even require the seller to register an account. So if a seller is planning to sell another item, Collect My Parcel can provide them with all of their quotation needs.

What would be the procedure?

1. Get a Free Quote in
2. Compute how much will you earn by using as a courier agent.
3. Post an item in

Following this procedure will even make your credibility as a seller better. Ebay parcel delivery is very important to buyers because of the security, time of arrival and the elimination of scam.

If you are an buyer, recommend this courier agent to sellers. And if you are an seller it would be a big help in your part by using the services provided by Collect My Parcel. Other online shopping websites are also open to use their services. It will be effective because it gives free quotes, have cheap rates and is attentive to calls and e-mail’s sent by customers.

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