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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Learn Guitar Chords: Playing the Guitar

The basic fundamental of playing a guitar is playing the chords. Learn guitar chords and you will find it easy holding and playing the guitar. Strumming is also a basic fundamental of playing a guitar but the first step is always to master the chords first before the strumming. Strumming the strings will be useless if you are not yet familiar with the chords. Guitar tabs, chord diagrams and song sheets are all about chords so it is best to engage yourself in learning chords before anything else. A chord is the set of harmony which is are related notes that are played simultaneously. There are 2 basic chords which are the major and minor chords. These basic guitar chords are called triads since you will need to play three distinct notes to produce a major and minor chord.

In playing the guitar, the fingers are used which is position in the strings. Positioning it on the strings, you will need to press the string into the neck of the guitar (not too hard) to be executed properly. All fingers will be used except for the thumb. The thumb will be positioned above the neck so you can have a firm grip of the guitar. The thumb can also be used in some chords to mute string so that it will not be played. But most of the time the thumb will just serve as a grip for the guitar.

There will be markers found in the guitar chords which are “x” and “o”. When you will learn playing it, you should learn to read it faster since playing the guitar is simultaneous. The “o” marker will signify that you don’t need to put your finger in that string to play a chord. The “x” marker will signify which strings are played during the execution of the chord. Remember that and you will find it easy to learn guitar chord.

To summarize all the steps, instructions and reminders, you should remember that all fingers are used except the thumb. It will only be used to mute a string that is not needed to be played. The marker “o” means that you don’t need to put your finger on the string and the “x” marker means which string will be played. After familiarizing with the guitar and remembering all the steps, you will be ready to read and play a chord. The best thing to do so that you won’t be confused is to play easy and basic chords. These chords are A-major, D-major and E-major. If you will be able to play these three basic chords you are already to play the other chords. Some chords may be difficult to try because the positioning of the fingers is not comfortable. T first it may not be comfortable but in the long run you will be able to master it. You can do this by playing a chord over and over until you will be comfortable and familiar with it.

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