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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Summer Get Away: How to Get a Sunless Tan

Most women think that when you want to get a tanned colored skin you should stay under the sun for a long time. But there are a lot of ways on how you can have a sunless tan effect neither at home or somewhere else without the use of UV rays. How to do it is not always staying under the sun that will help you achieve a perfect tan but knowing what and where to get it. And one of the best ways is by getting a tan indoors.

You do not have to spend that much to get that glowing tan you always wanted. Planning a vacation outing just to spend some time under the sun is not necessary because you can simply have a tanning process in your own home. All you have to do is know the different materials and solutions needed. Addition to that are the steps and instructions for you to follow. To get started with your sunless tan process, prepare the materials needed like tanning lotion, moisturizer, shaver, dry skin scrapper and towels.

When you are all set to start, take a bath or a shower before starting any process. On how to clean your skin will make the tanning process more effective and evenly tanned in all areas of your body. This process will need a little bit of patience and a whole lot of cleanliness. Application of moisturizer is needed before the application of tanning lotion. This will allow your skin to have an evenly and more effective tan. These steps are really popular to women who want to get a sunless tan colored skin. The reason behind this is that the natural tanning procedure and other electronically operated procedure use UV rays to tan the skin. UV Rays increase the risk of having skin disease or skin cancer.

UV tanning booths is most likely the most dangerous one when it comes to skin tanning. That is why tanning without the sun became more popular to people who want to get a tan colored skin. But it is not only done at home but anywhere else like beauty salons and beauty parlors. In beauty salons they also have another way or procedure to make your skin tan colored. They use spray which contains DHA, an ingredient that can turn your skin from the light skin shade to a darker shade. How to know the effect? It can make your skin darker because the substance which is – colorless in color – stains your skin that is why it becomes darker.

It is not always the natural way that is the best. But it doesn’t mean that those who got their tan naturally (from sunlight UV rays) are already prone to skin cancer. It also depends in the skin pigments that a person has. And it also depends how long they stay under the sun. Sometimes staying too long under the sun will allow the UV rays to penetrate your skin deeper. This is where the skin gets damaged and the skin becomes prone to diseases. UV rays are naturally one of the causes of increasing the risk of having a skin cancer.

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