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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Diabetic Neuropathy and Spinal Cord Injury

There are a lot of diseases and accidents that could lead to nerve damage and one of them is Diabetic Neuropathy. When a nerve is damaged, this could mean the spinal cord could be damaged. The spinal cord is like the main or the center of control for the other parts of the body. When a person would have a spinal cord injury, he or she would have a decreased circulation in different parts of his or her body.

Diabetes could be fatal when it is not treated because it could lead to Diabetic Neuropathy which could also lead to spinal cord injury.  Diabetic Neuropathy reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrition supplied in the skin and in different tissues. When the amount of oxygen and nutrients are reduced, the ability of the person to heal slows down. When a person would have a slow rate of healing, this could lead to nerve damage. These nerves are connected to the spinal cord which leads to the damage of the spinal cord that is why most patients who suffer from Diabetic Neuropathy experience serious foot conditions.


In order to prevent spinal cord injury a person should first prevent them in having diabetes which is the common cause of Diabetic Neuropathy. And in preventing diabetes it is important to have a balance diet and having a safe blood glucose level. This could be attained by the help of Garlic, Bitter Melon Juice and Cinnamon. How does this work?

Garlic – Garlic contains antioxidants which help to prevent in the damage of cells. The chemical Allicin which is found in garlic is a very effective chemical that prevents diabetes. Garlic is also said to cure Neuropathy which is caused by diabetes.

Bitter Melon Juice – Bitter melon is low in sugar and it contains natural Insulin which also prevents diabetes.

Cinnamon – Since the best way to avoid diabetes is by maintain a safe blood glucose level, cinnamon is a big help since it prevents the lowering of blood sugar level. Just like bitter melon juice, it also produces insulin which makes the pancreas healthy. Cinnamon is the least advised preventive supplement since it has been researched and proven that cinnamon could make neuropathy condition worse.


The best treatment for diabetes is maintaining a healthy diet. But when diabetes has already penetrated the body, there are different kinds of common treatment that an individual can do. For some diabetic people, losing weight is a must since it would mean a more active lifestyle and a healthier body. Another reason is that most diabetic people are over weight. This will also prevent spinal cord injury since there would be a good blood circulation.

Another preventive measure is by injection insulin which should be advised by doctors. Other treatments such as foot care and intake of drugs to relive foot pain is another alternative. The removal of dead skin could also be another form of treatment since it would prevent further infection in the skin.

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