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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to Compute Keyword Density

There are a lot of people who are not aware how do they compute keyword density. Keyword density can also help people especially article writers to boost the SEO factor of their article. Before you will compute keyword density, article writers should first gather information regarding keywords. A good example of this is the keyword Photoshop. A lot of keywords are connected to this keyword such as brushes, Adobe, photo editing, and may more. But if you want to get the best result, check on each keyword and eliminate keywords that are seldom used in searches.

When you are already complete with your keyword details, the keywords with lower percentage of being searched should not be removed from the list. This is the common mistake of article writers. The keywords with lesser or lower percentage of being searched should still appear in the article but with lower density. What is the use of this? This will actually trigger searches for the less used keyword. The main reason why its percentage is low because article writers follow the "standard" or the "listed" keyword used. That is why if you will use these keywords with low percentage, you will have an advantage in other competing articles.

Now that your keywords are ready you can now start to compute keyword density. If you want the best result, it best to place at least 3 keywords or phrases in your article. One in the first paragraph and 2 in the middle. Do not place keywords in the first statement and the last statement of your articles because it would be harder for search engines to crawl it down and get listed.

For the keywords computation formula, if you want the density of your keywords to be 1 percent your keyword should appear once every 100 words. So if you have a 300 worded article and the density of your keyword is 1 percent, your keyword will appear 3 times in your article. But, if you will analyze it, it is not proportion because as I mentioned earlier, it would be hard to crawl down for the keyword if it is at the very beginning or at the very end of the article. So to get better results, write at least a 450 worded article with 1 percent keyword density.

Now that you know how to compute keyword density, remember to apply this if you want to excel in SEO. A lot of people fail in understanding SEO because they base their understanding in the standard SEO pattern but they don't realize that they are killing the other keywords. Killing a keyword means there will be lesser keywords that you can use in writing an article and if there are a few keywords that you can use, the competition in SEO will be harder.

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