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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

70 Feet deep Giant Crater opened up in a German Town

At around 3 AM in the early morning of November 1, 2010, a local resident of Schmalkalden (a town in Germany) was bothered by a loud roar. He was surprised when he saw a giant crater in the middle of the road which was said to be 70 feet deep and 100 feet across. The crater is in the middle of the road in a residential area that is why 23 houses near the crater were evacuated.

They suspected that it was a result of some mining activities. But the exact cause was not determined as of the moment but people in the residential area said that there is a possibility that it was a natural cause. They assumed that the cause of the giant crater is a natural cause because the residential area is prone to landslides, due to its geological makeup.

Another resident said that he remembered that area to be a place where a bunker was located. Authorities also suspected that having a bunker in that area a long time ago could be another cause of the sinking or that area and creating a giant crate.

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