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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to use Google Analytics

There are a lot of scripts and tools that you can find and use online. These scripts and tools are really useful and give you details and a helping hand that will really help you earn more. It can also help you monitor on things like traffic so that you don’t have to do it manually or in a difficult way. Google analytics is one of those tools that can really help you monitor traffic for your website or blog.

What is the use of Google Analytics?

As mentioned above, it can help you track and monitor traffic of your website. It can also help you determine the strong keywords that you are using in your site. This will also improve your websites performance when it comes to SEO or Search engine Optimization. When it comes to monitoring your sites traffic, and can break it down from the number of traffic you get, the location of your viewers and many more.

So if you are someone who is so busy doing a lot if online tasks you can get a help from Google Analytics. To get started you should have a Gmail or Google account and you will be registered right away. If you don’t have one yet you can go directly to their site and register an account. So just visit, and register an account there.

After successfully registering a new account you can start using Google Analytics right away. To do that you should Analytics Setting than click on Add New Profile. Fill in the required fields and proceed to the next step. The next step will require you to place a Java script into your website script. So that Google Analytics will successfully monitor the traffic of your site, you should place the Java script code just right above the < /head >code in your website script. When you are done with this, just wait a few hours for it to start monitoring traffic from your site.

When you want to start checking the traffic of your website, just go back to the site and you will go directly to the analytics site.


  1. Java is a popular high language computer language that is used all over the world. Even if you are knowledgeable on languages like C and C++, you can undergo java training to make your resume shine in the next interview you appear for.

  2. Yes that is true. Java is one of the hardest computer language to learn. harder than PHP, HTML and CSS.